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Re: [IP] Cancer myths

email @ redacted wrote:
>can you explain why babies are being
> born with cancer? We live in a VERY polluted world and anything that has been
> processed as much as sweetners are cannot be good for an unborn baby...or
> anyone for that matter!! (-: The FDA, in my opinion, are not the ultimate
> experts of what we can and cannot eat...they have said things are safe that
> they find 10 years later are NOT.....it's common sense too! Deb

I think we're operating with incomplete information and cannot give a
definite yes or no answer. EVERYTHING in the universe is a chemical,
whether processed or not, and just which ones are carcinogenic, and
under what circumstances is often unclear.

Common sense counts for very little, as a matter of fact. You can
research amanita phalloides (death angel mushroom) and find that people
who have died from its poison said it was delicious in their salad!

There are SO many things that can affect an unborn baby, and so many
things that seem like they ought to but don't (for example drugs that
don't cross the placenta), that most of the time, no one can say with
certainty what may have caused a birth defect.

And sometimes babies are born perfectly healthy and remain so, even
though they DID encounter a risk factor during the pregnancy. 

I think the issue of artificial sweeteners is something each woman has
to decide for herself -- if there were significant birth defects
associated with them, I think we'd have heard at least something about
it, given the immense numbers of women, both diabetic and not, who use
them. If a woman decides not to use them, fine, but I don't think you
can automatically condemn them as you seem to be doing above.

A diabetic woman has enough problems to deal with during pregnancy
without instilling false and hysterical fears into her!!!!
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