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[IP] Dauna and Sara's and now my hair... :o)

Sara SP wrote:

<<Hey there...me too!!!  there are pictures of me at age six with this
luxuriant chestnut brown wavy hair.....then I cut it real short in 3rd grade
so you couldnt really tell the texture but when I was diagnosed in 5th
my hair was straight as a stick, soft as down and thin as paper...still is,
though i must say i do hold a perm well..
I had a hairdresser touch my hair once...ran her fingers through it and
said..."do you take insulin for your diabetes?"  she said she could tell by
FEELING it....hmmmmm>>

Wow, only time I noticed a change in my hair was when I got pregnant, and
then it got thicker and grew like crazy!  Everyone told me when I had the
baby that it would go back to normal, but it never did, stayed thick and
still grows like crazy, I have to get it cut every 2-3 weeks or I can't keep
a style and now that I'm coloring it, I have to do it frequently too.  I've
had D for 37 years, and even on diagnosis, I don't remember losing much of
my hair although I wore it long and straight all through high school.  I
have noticed that as I've aged it seems to have gotten curlier.  It's no
longer so straight as it was in high school.  I was diagnosed at the age of
11 so I don't believe my changes in hair have been due to insulin or the
diabetes, but other factors in my life.  YMMV.  :o)


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