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[IP] Re: Site Change Lows--Us too!

Yes, we experience LOWS after a change almost every time too! Just
yesterday as a matter of fact I am walking through the store and our 4
year old (who has just had a snack) tells me he is low!  I had just
checked him and he was in-target, and now he was really low...So out
comes the juice box.  I let him drink it all 23g and I decided not to
bolus for the extra carbs beyond the 15g I usually use. Good thing as by
lunchtime a couple hours later he was right-on again.  IF I had bolused
him for the difference I can bet he would have been low by lunch again!
Hmmm....I often wonder about the "prime to fill the Cannula." We use
SILS and they take a 1.0 to fill the cannula. I almost wonder if that is
too much, but I hate to not use that amount as I would hate highs to
creep up as well?  So I guess I too would like to know if anyone with
great PUMP experience can recommend how to avoid these lows?

Thanks!  Shelly

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