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Re: [IP] Chats-pressure

On 12 Nov 2000, at 3:09, Jennifer Sutherland wrote:

> Wombn,
>    I know that Rodney Mead was NOT directing anything to you personally.
> YOU are not being pressured, but if you choose to feel that way, nothing I
> for one can say. Your response - ABILITY. OK?

I know it wasn't directed only to me.  It was directed to "you".  A 
group.  The *whole* group.   The people who aren't showing up.  
And I'm a member of that group.  

And since I can speak for no one BUT ME, that's how I must 
respond.  As though it directed to me.  Because it was directed to 
me.  And to you.  And to her.  And to him.  It was directed to a 
bunch of individuals.

I don't appreciate having my depression history brought up in this 
manner--out of the blue and not related to the discussion-- it has a 
way of belittling my objection.  Similiar to having a tense 
discussion with my husband and him suddenly saying, "are your 
blood sugars low?" without anything else to warrant that question.  
You don't know what my current depression status is.  You don't 
know the history of my depression or how I treated it.  So to 
assume that it has anything to do with this discussion is out of 

Every day, we're barraged with chat announcements, and 
questions about why people aren't showing up.  I once wrote to the 
list that I don't enjoy them, I don't recall anyone acknowledging 
that.  OK.  I'll say it again more clearly.  That's what I was doing 

It doesn't matter what Rodney's situation is.  I assume everyone 
here is capable of taking an objection graciously.  

It doesn't matter what MY situation is either.  When someone 
asked me to pay more attention to snipping, I said, OOPS OK.

He is valid in wanting people to join the chats.  This is a good 
forum for getting the word out that there are chats to join! 

And I am valid in wanting people to stop pressuring us.

However, am I not permitted to object to constant exhortations to 
go to a chat?  Have I been here long enough to be able to do that?  
Or do I have to personally get to know every one of the 2900 people 
on the list? 

I joined an *email* list, not a chat list.

I'm not saying, "don't anyone mention chats again".  I'm just 
saying, stop the pressure.  Announce it, fine.  Discuss it. Fine.  
Leave out the pressure words is all I'm asking.

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