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[IP] Chats-pressure

   I know that Rodney Mead was NOT directing anything to you personally.
YOU are not being pressured, but if you choose to feel that way, nothing I
for one can say. Your response - ABILITY. OK?

This list has 2900+ members on it, and if a soul wants to get a chat going,
(remember he has had hand surgery) he's NOT going to address us each
individually, too much typing!  :-)

I know you said once you were battling depression (Join the club)
but even in my 'darker' moods am I aware the man is not pressuring me, There
isn't any "plot" to drag you kicking and screaming to a chatroom!

As you are very sensative to what strangers tell you, then I'll personally
excuse you from coming to ANY chats or functions YOU do not want to be
involved in. OK?

Rodney's had his fair share of sickness and pain.  Let the man invite people
to chat without taking it so darn personally --OK?
Jenny Sutherland

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