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Re: Re: [IP] More fun pregnancy updates

In a message dated 11/11/2000 7:32:20 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< HOw long have you had dm?  When I was pg 3rd time I was nauseous and had 
indigestion the whole time. >>

I had Type 1 diabetes for 30+ years when I had my child. The pregnancy was 
awful. I was salivating for the first 4/5 months, throwing up all day for 
almost 6 months, gained no weight until I was 6 months, and then gained 10 
pounds all at once. My legs looked like I had Elephantiasis (sp?). 
I had a beautiful baby girl at 8 months. I was in labor, but she hadn't 
turned, so I had a C-sect. I left the hospital with only 5 pounds left (I had 
retained alot of water).
We both survived and my child is very healthy and normal.
You do the best that you can under the circumstances.
Hang in there because it is worth it!
Susan M
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