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[IP] Re: Honeymoon Period

We were told about this when our son was diagnosed at 2 years old.
Apparently there is still function in the pancreas for either a short
time or even a longer amount of time.  During this "honeymoon" very
little insulin is needed for the person.

Our Endo felt that our son was her longest "honeymooner" as he required
very little insulin for a year and a half. They kept telling me that
soon he would need a lot more insulin as he would have high bgs in the
mornings.  To date...almost 3 years later this has not happened.  He did
not need insulin to cover his nights for at least 2 and half years and
now that he is pumping he is on a .1 to zero basal rate all night. He
has never gone over 9 units of insulin for a whole day.

ANyway, I am sure someone has a really good medical explaination....

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