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[IP] FDA warning


You all may have heard of this already, but I just got this message from 
the WellMed website.  Thought I'd pass it along.


You may have heard that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has 
issued an alert regarding a common ingredient in over-the-counter 
decongestants and weight-loss aids. The agency says you should look for the 
active ingredient "phenylpropanolamine" (PPA) in the labels of any 
non-prescription cough-cold, nasal decongestant, or weight-control 
medications you're currently taking or that you might have at home. The FDA 
also recommends asking your pharmacist or health care provider whether any 
of your prescription cough-cold medications contain phenylpropanolamine. A 
recent study found that women who used products containing this ingredient 
had a higher risk of hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding in the brain). Although 
the risk is slight, the FDA has concluded that it is significant enough to 
remove the ingredient from the market. The warning is timely, given that 
the cold and flu season is now upon us in North America.  For more 
information about the warning, visit the FDA site. 
 To take an interactive assessment and learn about safe ways to relieve 
the symptoms of winter bugs, visit WellMed's Cold and Flu Center. 
Your partner in health, WellMed

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