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[IP] Re: Dauna's NEW hair

Hey there...me too!!!  there are pictures of me at age six with this 
luxuriant chestnut brown wavy hair.....then I cut it real short in 3rd grade 
so you couldnt really tell the texture but when I was diagnosed in 5th grade,
my hair was straight as a stick, soft as down and thin as paper...still is, 
though i must say i do hold a perm well..

I had a hairdresser touch my hair once...ran her fingers through it and 
said..."do you take insulin for your diabetes?"  she said she could tell by 
FEELING it....hmmmmm>>
This is very interesting.  I've not had had big changes in my hair since 
being a diabetic.  I wonder if it makes a difference if you became a diabetic 
as a child?

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