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[IP] Cancer myths

Sherry--I was one of the one's that brought up being very careful how much
artificial sweeteners you use while pregnant. I have since done some of my
own "asking around" and like someone else said, the Sweet-n-low is a definite
problem, because of the possibly of cancer in the long run and your little 
I thought this myth is now buried. there is no risk of cancer from sweet 
and low. that has been proven to be bunk. If JimH is listening he can 
probably cite some FDA bulletin that debunks this myth. Aspertame is 
probably also safe  As always when you don't know ask your doc and avoid 
contact with unknown stuff.
Cyclamate was also finally proven safe after all these years. If your liver 
is working well it sees everything you eat long before your baby gets to 
see it. The liver is a good detoxifier of all sorts of stuff, Spot
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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