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[IP] increasing insulin resistance

Is it possible you have something else going on and really have an
increased insulin requirement?? This is pretty common if there is some
kind of infection or illness present or when their are other factors such
as stress, hormone changes, etc...
I have found that increased insulin resistance is often the first sign of a 
cold, URI or other banal infection. stress always raises my bgs. like if I 
have an oral or dissertation committee review coming up it raises them to 
the sun and back. Even having to go someplace on the subway makes it go up. 
At 63 I must admit I don't get many hormone changes now. sitting in a 
doctor's office waiting for my appointment makes them go up. the idea of 
mrs spot calling "oh dear" can make them go up too. Spot
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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