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Re: [IP] My turn...

In a message dated 11/11/00 3:07:06 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Cardiac catheterization is scheduled for Monday
morning  >>

Hope things go well for you, Tom.   I went through it a few weeks ago -- they 
decided the blockage could continue to be managed by medication.  With all 
the valium, the procedure isn't so bad.

But about 10 days later I got a late night call from the hospital endo, very 
concerned about my pump, which no one had questioned my wearing.  During some 
kind of in-service that day, he had been informed that pumps should not be 
worn during caths.  I had not noticed any problem with it in the 10 days, but 
dutifully called MiniMed to ask them.  Indeed, they were sufficiently 
concerned to suggest if I had any concern about it at all, that they would 
fedex me a loaner while they checked.  But since it seems to be working fine 
and all the self-tests and 7.2 tests have been fine, I have not bothered.  
The MiniMed service weekend supervisor's position seemed to be that in 
general they advise not wearing it for any imaging tests, but in non-MRI or 
CAT scans, if the doctor feels it is a problem to have the pump off, you 
should wear it as far from the radiation source as possible.  (I had worn it 
on my calf).

Linda Z
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