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Re: [IP] More fun pregnancy updates

Sherry--I was one of the one's that brought up being very careful how much 
artificial sweeteners you use while pregnant. I have since done some of my 
own "asking around" and like someone else said, the Sweet-n-low is a definite 
problem, because of the possibly of cancer in the long run and your little 
one is so tiny at this point and the "toxins" that the liver has to process, 
because of the ultra processed sweetners, could be passed on to the baby. I 
lived in IN when I was pregnant and live in CO now and both OB's that I have 
had said no artificial sweetners of any kind should be eaten while 
pregnant.....and being diabetic makes that very hard, but I did it...if I was 
thirsty, I drank tea, hot or cold with a little honey or maple syrup added to 
it. My two sister in laws, who are not diabetic, were told by their OB to 
avoid all artificial sweetners and even tuna while they were pregnant....I 
guess these Dr's would rather be safe than sorry.....who knows?

On your tummy still being upset....I went to 21 weeks with all day nausea and 
vomitting....I too have an overly sensitive gag reflex (still can't smell 
certain foods!) but then all of a sudden it just stopped...I had ultra sounds 
every month and 3 amniocentesis....now when you compare the toxins that 
sweet-n-low throws off and the ultra sound waves constantly hitting my 
unborn....hmmmmm...why would my OB make me stay off the sweetners but subject 
my body to the constant ultra sounds and amnios'...so see, whatever your OB 
is telling you, go with it, but if you are at all hesitant, jut get off it, 
because you will not want any doubt in your mind as you carry this little 
one...the stress will send your sugars skyrocketing and it will be hard 
enough to keep then under control in the latter part of the pregnancy because 
the baby is growing so rapidly!! (-: What a blessing that you are growing 
this incredible little life in you and I know we would all do anything to 
keep them healthy....another thing my OB warned me about is listening to too 
many "pregnancy stories" because then you just worry....Hoping that you will 
soon find the "honey moon" period of this pregnancy!! (-: Deb 
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