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[IP] Babies and tubing

How do women with babies handle the pump?

I can see at the very early months, there's no problem.  But I 
remember many times when near-toddling babies (of other people, I 
don't have any yet and so I'm not all that familiar with babies), 
would grab hold of my hair and not let go.  I think their hands were 
coated with some kind of IV Prep substance that made them like 
instant glue with my hair.  heh. (owwww)

But, later on, I can imagine a more coordinated toddler grabbing 
hold of that little loop of tubing that sticks out over my belt, hanging 
on with their Instant Glue hands and ... i don't know..... start 
SWINGING from it!  Weeeeeee :-)

I hope to be in just such a position within 2 years if I'm lucky.  So 
I'm just wondering how y'all deal with that.

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