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[IP] Overdelivery

After almost 3 hours, 6 finger pokes, 75 carbs with no bolus and 2 hours
at a temp. basal of 0, Brian is finally over 100.  What is going on?!  I
was logging on to try and gain some understanding of what might have
happened - and skimmed a reference to MM508 overbolusing.....YIKES!
This is too scary.  Brian has been low several times in the last few
weeks which is not normal in and of itself, but yesterday and again this
evening - he was very low (50 - 60) for long periods of time and had to
consume massive quantities of carbs before he inched back up.  He has
not been active at all, (weather is miserable here) and I have been very
concerned.  If the pump bolused on its own - would it have shown it in
the history?  Because I have gone back through the bolus history to
double and triple check myself to see if it was operator error - but the
doses I gave him were correct...It sounds like this ground may have been
covered, but I am so far behind on reading digests from two lists - so
please forgive me if this is old news!  ANY comments would be greatly
appreciated.  Scared to go to sleep in CA....  Laurie, mom to Brian, age

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