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Re: [IP] Good & bad experiences w/health care profs

<I don't quite understand this situation.  You waited until
you were all out of insulin>


You are right - I should have clarified - I wasn't out of
insulin, just didn't think to keep a supply with me.

This was shortly
after having been released from the hospital with
pancreatitis.  Had to do fasting labs and Dr. wanted to
change my insulin that morning - so for both reasons I had
not taken the
morning injection.  After doing
all the blood work, I took the scrips to the
pharmacy and my wife and I had a light breakfast at the
cafeteria - had to eat after all the blood draws and figured
I'd take a shot of insulin when the pharmacy filled
the scrip.  Pharmacist kept telling me that they were
"almost" done and that the scrips would be filled "really

I was (1) very naive about keeping
supplies with me - having been D for only about
a month and (2) figured I'd be safe at a
hospital pharmacy.  Wrong on both counts...

NOW, being better informed, I'm prepared!
I keep an unopened vial at the office and keep
a month reserve at home and I always carry my "bag"
with the meter, a couple syringes, a full set change,
emergency info, extra batteries, and glucotabs.

Pump Daddy

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