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[IP] the chats

please...if you join a chat, you have to jump iin and talk!!!  it seems like 
a cique or private party only because SOME of us come frequently, or have 
corresponded OFF list and have already developed a deeper 
relationship...doesn't mean it is closed!!!  Sometimes things move fast and 
furious and if your question is ignored for a few lines,,,,hang in 
there...sometimes people forget to reset their refresh rate to less than 45 
so it seems slow and then all of a sudden a huge rush of messages!  

Oftenn times, people have come to my chat on sunday night and just sat 
there...people say hello to the lurker...but they dont jump in...We all 
assume that that is cuz the person has not reset the refresh rate and no one 
has said hello

So come to the chat...Say hello, re set your fresh rate and JUMP IN!!!  they 
are not closed or private...if you dont get a joke the first time, you will 
next week...the chats are a way to talk to the people you only know through 
their posts...communication is a TWO way street...you get what you give....

Sara SP
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