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Re: [IP] Effects of Protein/Fat on Blood Sugar Control

According to my experience on MDI, what i have read and what I have heard
form dozens of others; protien *does* make a difference.  In carb counting
I (we) count 505 of the grams of protien for the bolus.

ie:  My TV Meal:  35g carb  16g protien  4g fat.

35g + 16g*.5 = 43g  therefore i take 4.3 units H for this meal NOT 3.5 units.

Warning:  Many do not count protien at all; just the carbs.  I've found I
need ot count both per the ratio of 50% for the protien as mentioned in
"Pumping Insulin".

The protein is not metabolized as fast as carbs so for a high protien meal
(esp with high fat as in pizza) I take enough H to cover the carbs at the
begining of the meal and enough h to cover the protein portion 2 hours
later.  YMMV!!!!

>In "Pumping Insulin," third edition, page 64, the authors state "Some 50
>percent of protein calories are slowly converted to glucose over a period of
>several hours..."  A person I consider very knowledgeable about such matters
>has advised that the above statement has recently been proven to be incorrect
>and, consequently, I should not be concerned with the amount of protein in a
>meal.  Instead, this person advises that I should be concerned with the fat
>in a meal.  I have several questions and would greatly appreciate any insight
>from fellow pumpers.
>1.  Is the above statement from "insulin pumpers" correct or incorrect?  If
>the above statement is accurate, are the authors referring to pure "protein"
>calories (i.e., 50% x grams of protein x calories per gram) or are they
>referring to total calories (e.g., total calories in a 10 ounce steak x 50%)?
>2.  If fat is the culprit, is there a way (excluding trial and error) to
>estimate the amount of insulin necessary to offset the insulin resistance
>created by the fat or the delayed bolus (square wave) necessitated by the
>slowed absorption of the food?

Darrin Parker
Nova Scotia, Canada!
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