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Re: [IP] Effects of Protein/Fat on Blood Sugar Control

On 10 Nov 2000, at 22:02, email @ redacted wrote:

> 1.  Is the above statement from "insulin pumpers" correct or incorrect?  If 
> the above statement is accurate, are the authors referring to pure "protein" 
> calories 

One way to find out is with your BG monitor.  

It's not easy to set up this kind of test though.  Pure protein is not 
terribly palatable (a can of tuna with no mayo for example).

But I imagine if you have your basals set exactly right and you do a 
test with *just* tuna (a whole serving) and your bgs rise, then you'll 
know how protein affects *you* and whether you need to dose for it.

Personally, I find a big load of protein very helpful in my work.  My 
husband and I run a janitorial business.  I don't have to clean 
buildings every day, but when employees call in sick (pretty 
frequently, really), then I have to move my lazy butt and get out and 
clean.  A load of protein will keep me going for hours far better than 
a load of carbs--which leave me feeling like I've hit that "wall" within 
1/2 an hour.  Probably because it's *extended* low intensity 
exercise that doesn't need quick energy, just constant energy.

YMMV, of course.

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