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[IP] Effects of Protein/Fat on Blood Sugar Control

In "Pumping Insulin," third edition, page 64, the authors state "Some 50 
percent of protein calories are slowly converted to glucose over a period of 
several hours..."  A person I consider very knowledgeable about such matters 
has advised that the above statement has recently been proven to be incorrect 
and, consequently, I should not be concerned with the amount of protein in a 
meal.  Instead, this person advises that I should be concerned with the fat 
in a meal.  I have several questions and would greatly appreciate any insight 
from fellow pumpers.

1.  Is the above statement from "insulin pumpers" correct or incorrect?  If 
the above statement is accurate, are the authors referring to pure "protein" 
calories (i.e., 50% x grams of protein x calories per gram) or are they 
referring to total calories (e.g., total calories in a 10 ounce steak x 50%)?

2.  If fat is the culprit, is there a way (excluding trial and error) to 
estimate the amount of insulin necessary to offset the insulin resistance 
created by the fat or the delayed bolus (square wave) necessitated by the 
slowed absorption of the food?  

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