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[IP] Re: Tape and prep problems

Yvonne writes:

 I am having a terrible time lately with tapes and sets. Eileen seems 
 allergic to the tapes or the iv prep. wipes. >>

I had the same problem and learned that it is fairly rare though not unknown. 
 The frustrating part is/was that, after the first few stabs at "solving the 
problem", both my team and at least one person at MM "gave up" in 
frustration.  I almost gave up on the pump.  I, like Eileen, found I was 
allergic to the IV Prep and reacted to the IV 3000, Polyskin and Tegaderm.  
I'm hanging in there with silhouettes (it helps that the tape area is so much 
smaller) and using bard (after cleaning with dial soap) as a prep.  I found I 
was getting irritated along the infusion tube and feared I might be allergic 
to the tube material.  I was advised to leave an area clear of Bard and 
insert the needle/tube there.  That too has helped.  I was sent samples of 
Cavilon (a barrier prep) and Carra film (another dressing).  If Eileen still 
has problems, a wound care specialist nurse can be helpful in identifying 
other products you might use.  The work with people who have ostomies with 
urine or feces irritiating the skin.  Besides their knowledge of products, 
they're masters at helping to heal irritated areas.  I still use Calmoseptine 
(available without prescription though you may need to order it - about $8.00 
a tube) on areas that get irritated and usually change sites every 48 hours.  
Hang in there.  It does get better, I've heard.  Jill
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