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[IP] Pump Information Meeting

Last night at our diabetes meeting, we got to talk
about my favorite subject - pumps!!!  :-)

Our CDE showed us a slide show that she received from
MiniMed.  It had information about the advantages of
pumping, as well as some basic info and a picture of
the CGMS. The slide show also showed a picture of one
of those early backpack pumps.  It's really amazing
how far we have come!

In addition, my CDE had her MiniMed and Disetronic
pumps available and passed them around for everyone to
see and "play around" with.  She also showed them a
Rapid and a Sil.  (The Sil was the only one she could
pass around because of the Rapid's needle.)  I also
got to show them my tubing and how long it is.  I like
the longest tubing, and it was funny because she
showed them by taking my pump (which I volunteered)
and walked across the room with it!!!  ;-)

Also, she had phamplets and the videos from those 2
companies.  (Sorry Animas users - she could only
mention a little about them because she isn't very
familiar with the R-1000 and didn't have a demo pump. 
She did, however, mention how much she liked the
company because of how nice the employees were and how
helpful the company was when she needed supplies!)

There were 2 other pumpers there besides myself, both
of whom used MiniMed.  At the end, we all were put "on
the spot" because my CDE wanted us to answer questions
from the audience about pumping.

I got a few of the standard questions, like, "Is your
pump waterproof?"  (Naturally, they also wanted to see
my red tappet and how I put it on.)  Also, I got one
that really surprised me.  One person asked me about
heat and how it affects the insulin in the pump!!! 
(How many of you have had non-pumpers who have never
really seen or learned about the pump before ask THAT
one???)  :-o

Anyway, in the end, several people stayed around and
talked to us and seemed VERY interested in the pump. 
Also, I think all of the videos and phamplets were
gone when we left - they really went like wildfire!!!

I think what I liked best (next to the fact that we
showed some people info about pumps and got some
seriously into thinking about pumping!) is that no one
company was empisized over the other; it was all fair
and my CDE tried to give equal attention to both pumps
when she was showing them off.  (Again, sorry Animas
users!  Hopefully, she will have a demo pump for our
next pump info meeting!)

I did get one person who asked me what the advantages
were for one pump over the other.  My answer was the
truth: ALL pump companies have GREAT pumps and the
features that are avaliable are up to the individual -
it is whichever "bells and whistles" YOU think are the
most important.  I basically told them that they
should look at/compare them all and go with whichever
THEY like best; No one pump is best for everyone since
we are all so different!  :-)

I enjoyed last night so much!!!  Why can't I do
something like this more often?!?  :-)

Pump hugs,

Melissa Collins
email @ redacted
Happily Pumping since being Assimilated February 22, 2000!
To pump or not to pump, that is the question..............

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