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[IP] Pump overdelivery

I was just speaking with a friend from our local support group. Her son's 
pump (Minimed 508) bolused itself 4 times in 2 days. 10 units each time, 
which is the max bolus by the current settings. Before realizing what
had happened, her son (11 yrs) went to the nurse, and couldn't figure out 
why he couldn't get his sugar up. After 3 Sunny Delights, his BS was 30. 
Minimed says this is impossible and he must have bolused it himself.
(I don't know the child real well, but the Mom says he knows this would 
kill him) The mom said it happened again right there in the nurses office. 
Obviously, he's now on a different pump. The Mom is demanding a full
report from Minimed, but doubts she'll get it for fear of a law suit. What 
do you think? Has this happened to anyone else?

this used to be a problem long ago but I think MM is well beyond that. 
There is a company that tests medical devices such as the insulin pump and 
other pumps and medical devices. I don't recall their name but if you can't 
get it I'll get it for you this weekend and let you know who they are. 
Since the FDA is fairly stringent about this sort of thing I cannot see how 
this could be a recurring pattern now. Spot
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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