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[IP] rough 2 weeks

Hi all. I just needed to vent a little today. It has been a rough couple of 
weeks. 2 wks ago, my bgs climbed though the roof for what I thought was no 
reason. Ended up in the ER. They managed to get the levels under 300 and sent 
me on home at 4:30am. By 8am I was over 600 again. Changed site and still no 
luck. Gave a shot and called mm. They said it was either the pump or the 
sils. So they sent me a replacement pump and a few sils. Will Wed. I needed 
to change my site again and used a sil from my prev. shipment. By noon time 
by levels climbed up again. Called mm again and now they are replacing all 
the sills from my last shipment. I am so frustrated over this. My husband is 
having problems at work now because during this time he has to rush home for 
me. Ofcourse now he's getting comments at work that if the pump was so great 
why the problem etc. Mind you pre pump I would be in the hospital in dka 3-4 
times a year. Hopefully I have no more problems in the near future. I have 
had the pump for 1.5 yrs and no other problems. This may just be a freak 
Linda W.
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