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My daughter got an alarm today on her MM508 during school. She says it was 
A35,she decided to perform a self-test on her pump and it came out ok. What 
does this alarm mean and should I call MM and let them know. Also, since Iīm 
having so much trouble with allergies and itching with tapes, Iīm 
considering using sils because she does seem to tolerate them better. The 
only thing I donīt like is Iīve noticed her skin takes longer to heal and 
the mark left is much bigger than the ones sofsets leave.

My question is when introducing the sil, does the introducer needle have to 
be stuck the whole way in, until the end? I have tried them on her but can 
only get approx. 3/4 of the needle inside her? Am I doing something wrong or 
is this correct?. Last sil I used she had blood in her cannula and high bgīs 
had to change it after only 1 day.

I hope for some feedback on this, as Iīm new to this and need all the help I 
can get. Thanks Jan, for you info on the Opsite tape, will definitely ask MM 
for some samples. Has anybody tried Micropore tape from 3M, its said to be 
hypoallergenic but I donīt know if itīll stick
tight and it its waterproof. Just asking because someone recommended it.

Scary thing about the MM bolusing itself?? AM TRYING REAL HARD NOT TO THINK 

Eileenīs mom
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