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[IP] Shrinking pancreas

While I'm not a med. prof., the "shrinking pancreas" sure
seems wierd. Sounds more like the capacity of the pancreas
is declining. One of the side effects of my pancreatitis
was a reduced overall pancreas function. The organ still
has partial function for production of digestive enzymes but
I do have to take oral medication with fatty foods. I
expect that there may been some dead tissue as well.
Pancreatitis often results in loss of exocrine as well as endocrine 
pancreatic function. One of the side effects of pancreatitis is production 
of PAP (pancreatitis associated protein) this causes regeneration of islet 
cells from glandular pancreatic tissue in rats or mice. I never had 
pancreatitis except maybe with the mumps. that was 18 years b4 my 
diabeastes manifested itself. As far as I am concerned it is functioning 
well in its exocrine function but not at all as an endocrine organ. The 
failure of the exocrine function is not a major problem in my book but it 
can be embarrassing I'd like to have a bit of the rat dna in my genome at 
this time. spot
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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