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[IP] whirlwind

     Hello Friends,
     First I want to tell Mark and anyone else going through similar stuff
that you all are in my prayers.  It seems like if it isn't one thing its
another.  We are going through chemo and radiation for cancer of the vocal
cords with my Mother in Law so every time I see someone else that gets hit
with this kind of news my heart really does go out to you.
     Second about the hair-  when I was little (before dx) I had thick hair
with lots of body.  Once I was diagnosed I lost about all of it and it came
back thin as a babys and straight as a poker.  Never has been the same
since. I gave up on perms a long time ago cause they never held. And to this
day its a wonder theres any hair on my head since theres a hairball in the
drain after my showers.
     Third I want to say to Sherry C. that I really enjoy following your
pregnancy via the IP list.  Im pulling for a nice health bouncing baby for
you.  (Time really is flying for me through your pregnancy.......hehe)
    Last I would like to let you all know that we (the chat hosts) do our
best to answer all of the questions asked and if it seems like we have
ignored or forgotten you that please just ask again as it gets kind of
hectic at times when your talking to a lot of people at once.  We do take
time out of our schedules for this and would like it to run as smoothly as
possible so if you have any suggestions, you are more than welcome to let us
know!  Please do.
Pump Huggssssssss........Dauna

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