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Re: [IP] Pregnancy Update and other stuff

Gee, the word "Hormones" jump out at me from your letter.....You know the
body's doing some serious morphing in there and the hormones, your own
stressing and -possibly the lack of caffine-- is making you feel this way.

Another thing is I'm sure as a diabetic mother, you have a LOT more things
to consider, and at the back of your mind, all these 'horror' stories.  You
get into other things and occupy your mind a bit more and stop worrying.
Jenny Sutherland

----- Original Message -----
From: "Sherry Compton"

> Well, I am not panicked anymore, thanks to all the mommies who answered me
about the phantom twinges I was feeling.  Today my tummy feels a little sore
like someone is stretching
> it.  Like I did one hundred sit-ups or something. (yeah, right)
> Lately I've been very tired and forgetful. Not to mention more bitchy than
usual. I go back to see my obgyn on the 17th, and hopefully he will tell me
everything is normal.

> I have been depriving myself of my much-loved caffeine and maybe that's
responsible for my bitchiness.  Someone should do a study.  I only allow
myself one or two diet cokes a day,
> usually one, but I can't stand the caffeine-free colas.   It's Seven-up
for me now. I also tried to cut down on high fat foods, but I had to ration
myself a little pizza every once
> in a while.

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