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[IP] Re: pregnancy update

Someone should do a study.  I only allow
myself one or two diet cokes a day,
usually one, but I can't stand the caffeine-free colas.   It's Seven-up for
me now. I also tried to cut down on high fat foods, but I had to ration
myself a little pizza every once
in a while.
Anyone else got any tips or updates to share?
Hi Sherry,
Glad to hear you are doing well.
When I was pg with my Zachary my doctor let me use as much Equal sweetener as 
I wanted but no Sweet n low allowed because of the causing cancer thing.  I 
remember limiting my coffee but after the nausea stuff of the 1st trimester 
it stopped being a pleasure so I didn't drink any til after he was born.
Keep us updated, this is fun!
btw, this is my first experiment with www.aol.com.  Did it work?
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