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Re: [IP] Good & bad experiences w/health care profs

Pump Daddy wrote:

<<Your pharmacy story reminded me of sitting in the pharmacy
(pre-pump) waiting for my insulin scrip to be filled while
my bg's were rising.  Pharmacy couldn't read the scrip,
doctor was not available, Pharmacist wouldn't take the Dr's
staff's word for the type of insulin, Dr. didn't have a
supply of insulin samples.  After several hours of waiting,
bg's were at 596, my wife drove us home so I could use mybackup humalog

I don't quite understand this situation.  You waited until you were all out
of insulin and needed a shot before you went to the pharmacy to get insulin?
I always go pick up my scrip for insulin at the pharmacy long before I get
to crisis stage.  I've had times when they didn't have a supply (needed to
wait until the next day delivery or such) but it was never a problem for me
since I still had a supply on hand.  Is this an insurance thing that you had
to wait until you had used up all your regular supply?  Sorry if I'm
misunderstanding this situation.  :o)

RoseLea (who never waits until the last minute to do anything)

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