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[IP] Re: Hair

Insulin does have an effect on hair, my wife (non D)  was diagnosed with
polycystic ovary syndrome, by her Dr. (Myself), after the electrolysis said
that her hair overgrowth was a sign of some thing wrong, also her cycles
were very uneven, & was having a very hard time losing weight, even on the
Atkins diet.

It was then confirmed by my Dr. (endo) with an glucose tolerance test
together with am insulin level test, the results were very high insulin high
testosterone, which caused the facial hair overgrowth.

The Dr. put her on glucophage, after 4 months on it, she lost 30 pounds, her
hair growth stooped, her cycles evened out, & the last & best she got
pregnant, She is now already in her 5 month, Dr. is a little concerned that
her blood sugar goes up above 130 after some meals, Dr. says she might
develop gestational diabetes, hope not.

By the way: tonight is my first pump aniversity. For me MDI wasn't hell, I
was doing pretty good with 13 shots a day on Humalog & Lente, And following
Dr. Bernstein's diet, but the pump is still better

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
Co-Executive Director
Jewish Diabetes Association

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