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[IP] April and Mark and Michael

To April and Mark:
April, I am a little late since your surgery was Thursday.....but I am
praying that everything went well and you are going to recover
beautifully....with vision and no complications....Hang in there and keep us

What distressing news you have had.  My prayers are with you also.  Please
keep us posted about the bone test.   May God keep you well to see your
children grow up. 

And remember we are all here for you, this group of people have proven to be
an incredible support group. 

Now, Michael, King of the IP lists!
You have five children, several of which are teenagers???? How in the world
have you kept any sanity?    And you are always the voice of sanity on this
list. Don't know how you have done it...unless this list is the escape for
you ???

A short hang in there story for parents of teenagers..........
You know, I am a single parent who raised a boy and girl from ages 10 & 11
through adulthood (36 & 37 now) and I feel if you have raised teenagers, you
can handle anything the world throws at you.  Nothing can get you
anymore....Raising teenagers is pure "hell" sometimes.   And I wouldn't have
traded the experience even for being diabetes free.  Well, maybe I need to
rethink that....Geez, it was ghastly sometimes.

I remember standing in front of my 16 year old son shaking my finger in his
face, which was a foot above mine, saying "you are not leaving this house,
you will go to your room right now!!!" and my sudden thoughts were "ohmyGod,
what am I doing, he could toss me in a corner and leave....what if he
doesn't mind me?! What am I going to do?!?!?!"   And the look in his eyes
was so full of fury and hate.....and it seemed like forever til he spun
around and stomped (size 12 shoes) up the stairs to his room, slammed the
door so hard the pictures downstairs shook on the walls.....!!  But he
"minded me".      Whew, that was a pivotal mement for me.   

And You Know What??!!   He now has a sixteen year old son and 12 year old
daughter....He tells me the son has an attitude....and I love God for
letting me have that wonderful moment of joy! 


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