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[IP] Priming the cannula

You go through your steps of filling the reservoir, priming the tubing 
and needle, then you insert it (Minimed Micro QR with SofSerter).  
The video says to prime 1/2 unit to fill the cannula.

Does some of that become part of your daily insulin?

I'm fairly insulin sensitive so I'm fretting (again)...  

BTW, I saw my endo today (Thursday afternoon which is my 

At the pleas of the trainer (over the phone when we finally made our 
appt), I'd faxed my endo a letter telling her I'd already started the 
pump and fully expected to be chastised (and that I'd set my 
basals to .1/hr and just tweaked it here and there as needed until I 
had a chance to meet with her).

She came out to the waiting room *herself* to call me in, instead of 
a nurse.  She had been WAITING to see me.  heh.

She managed to hold on to her "stern" look for a whole 15 seconds 
before she busted out laughing.  Apparently she thought the whole 
thing was uproariously hilarious -- especially the way I'd written my 
pseudo-humble letter and because of the frantic call she'd gotten 
from my trainer.

She gave me her pretend chastising lecture as I hung my head in 
"abject shame" (with a twinkle).


I didn't really expect her nose to be really pushed outta shape, but I 
still did appreciate her light handed manner.

She said she'd told the trainer it was ok, that I was pretty smart 
and she doubted she'd get a frantic call from me.

She was pleased with how I'd handled the week (insulin wise). And 
was able to calculate my basals based on the data. (waking hours 
.2u/hr, sleep .1u/hr to start, high bg bolus .5u/40 pts, carb bolus 
1u/23g, and square wave my weekly pizza)

I still have a ton of questions to ask the trainer though!  :-)

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