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About 2 months after my upgrade from my MM 506 to a 508 I started
experiencing MAJOR LOWS.  I couldn't contribute it to anything.  It happened
at different times of the day.  Sometimes during the night I would wake up
in the low 30's.  I also had such a hard time getting my BG back up.  It was
almost like I was fighting the insulin.  I ate everything and nothing would
bring me up.  After several episodes of this I finally called MM and
explained it to them.  I shouldn't have waited as long as I did before I
called MM.  They questioned me on my insulin amounts.  They wanted to know
if I noticed more insulin gone out of the reservoir then normal.  Honestly,
I did not pay enough attention to that.  I told them that all I know is that
I am having some major lows and it is obviously from getting too much
insulin (not from exercise or stress or antyhing like that).  I knew this
because of how hard I had to fight to get my bg's back up.
MM fed-ex'ed me a new pump and I sent mine back.  They did give me the
choice of keeping the loaner or getting mine back after tests were done on
it.  I decided to keep the loaner since mine already had scratches on it :)
My advice to anyone having this problem is to call MM~they will help you.
Mel and pumpy

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