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[IP] diabetes doing you in BUT

Hello Mark,
I ,must admit, I have not been through this type of cancer, but I did go
through the thyroid cancer.  Its not too bad once they removed my thyroid.
But the reason for my email to you is this:  my stepdad, Pops, has just been
diagnosed with cancer tumors in his right lung, top of the lobe.  He has
already had quadruple bypass, plus one more, is that quintuple bypass I
think?  But the heart specialist he sees just oked him to have the lung
surgery, so now they tell him Monday he has surgery!  It was fast, but we
feel the sooner the better.  They don't know if its benign or malignant, but
are taking no chances.  They will go in, take a fast biopsy, rush it to the
lab, test it, and go from there.  If not cancerous, or malignant, they will
only remove the tumor itself.  If it is  malignant, they will remove the
entire top lobe of the lung.  Pops is not diabetic, sorry, I  did forget to
mention that.  But I can understand to a point what you are going through.
Pops worked at the Erie Coke Plant, where they deal with coal and dust, for
28 years, so that's where he got this from.  He also smoked like a chimney
for years too.  But otherwise, he's in great health, and spirits are high.
I wish you the best, and look forward to hearing your outcome.
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

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