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Re: [IP] Diabetes and Driving-attention Minnesotans

    I also (almost) had my driver's license revoked when I was 17 years old, 
I didn't realize that Minnesota was serious when they said they required a 
physician's note sent to DMV to keep your drivers license. I ignored the 
letter, and 30 days later, they sent me a letter telling me my license was 
revoked and to send it in to them. 
    Well, I immediately went to my doctor, got the paper taken care of, and 
sent it in to Minnesota DMV with a letter of aplogy, it worked, and eveytime 
thereafter, I did what I was supposed to ASAP!
    Also, in Minnesota, if you do not admit that you are diabetic on the 
driver license application, and you are in an accident, you can be in DEEP 
trouble with the state!
    Jan G.
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