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[IP] Diabetes and Driving-attention Minnesotans

Just a reminder to all of you that live in states that require a physician's 
statement in order to drive to verify your status with the Depatment of 
Public Safety licensing division.  For those of you that stated the "don't 
tell" philosophy in previous posts, please know that it is against the law to 
keep the information from them and it would be awfully hard to hide the fact 
while wearing a pump in the case of an accident.  I think it may be a felony.

In MInnesota the phone number is (651) 296-6911 or the Driver's License 
Evaluation line is (651) 296-2025.  Expect a wait.  I have spent hours in the 
last few weeks, but the second number is quickest.  The forms required are 
not available where you apply for your license.  You are sometimes sent them 
annually, but don't always count on it.  They send notices of revokation or 
cancellation to only one address once, no forwarding, so if you move be 
forwarned.  Once a Minnesotan, you must renew as often as your Physician 
states on the form, that is why it important to ask your Dr.'s office for a 
copy of the form and know if it is every 6 months, 1 yr, 2yrs or 4.  Mine was 
cancelled when I was living in another state and I didn't get notice.  The 
state driver's licenses are given out in the county but the state DMV hadn't 
sent me a form yet. 

In previous posts I have stated my plight about moving out of state and back 
in 3 yrs. later, being pulled over and charged with "driving after 
cancellation". (Before getting my new state license, but while I had a legal 
driver's license)  Since then my license has been reinstated and the state 
verification was sent to the wrong address.  I had to wait for a new 
evaluation and time for it to be sent out before I dared to drive again.  I 
have met with an attorney who informed me the charge faces a punishment of 90 
days in the workhouse and/or a $750 fine.  I confered with another criminal 
defense attorney who knows the prosecuters in my area and the "driving after 
cancellation" charges well.  Things went from bad to worse--as he states it 
is a gross misdemeanor that I am being charged with and could face one year 
in prison and/or a $3000 fine.  It is comprable to a person having 2 D.U.I.s 
and continuing to drive after cancellation.  I asked him, the local chapter 
of the Diabetes Association and the other attorney about the Disabilities Act 
and they all stated that "it is the law."  We are not being discriminated 
against because we are being given the privilage to drive, it is not being 
taken away, we just have to prove ourselves worthy.  It is a pain in the butt 
to do, but do it, especially if you have moved and don't know what your 
status is within the state.

I meet with my new attorney today and go to court on Tuesday.  I will let you 
know what happens!
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