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[IP] Minimed Bolusing Itself

<<Her son's pump (Minimed 508) bolused itself 4 times in 2 days. 10 units 
each time, which is the max bolus by the current settings. >>

I don't know if it was the exact same thing, but I had a Minimed 507C that 
would overdeliver as I reached the end of each insulin reservoir.  It took 
me quite a while to figure out the pattern, but what happened was that as I 
approached the last 20 units in the reservoir I would receive a no delivery 
alarm for no apparent reason and with no apparent results (no high 
bgs).  I'd clear the alarm, and then a few hours later experience a severe 
and completely inexplicable low.  I called Minimed and told them about it 
and once they understood the issue they urged me to send in the pump for a 
replacement as soon as possible.  I had a refurbished pump in one day and 
haven't had a problem with it since I received it.

I believe this problem is not unique to my pump, since MM recommends that 
everyone change the set and reservoir once they reach the 20 unit mark. I 
have to admit that I don't know the reason for this but no-one mentioned it 
to me before I had this problem and now it seems to be standard operating 

Also, there was a post a while ago, I think by Rod Mead, though I may be 
mistaken, about the site to check for what the most frequently 
malfunctioning piece of an MM pump has been historically.  I check at the 
time and it jibed with my experience.  I don't recall the site at the 
moment but will try to find and post it forthwith.


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