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Re: [IP] Good & bad experiences w/health care profs


Thank you for sharing your experience.  You sure hit it on
the head when you stated "It is so frustrating when you know
what you need, but no one will listen!"

Your pharmacy story reminded me of sitting in the pharmacy
(pre-pump) waiting for my insulin scrip to be filled while
my bg's were rising.  Pharmacy couldn't read the scrip,
doctor was not available, Pharmacist wouldn't take the Dr's
staff's word for the type of insulin, Dr. didn't have a
supply of insulin samples.  After several hours of waiting,
bg's were at 596, my wife drove us home so I could use my
backup humalog supply.  Pharmacist recommended that I go to
the ER since it was closer!  Have switched both pharmacy's
and doctors.....  Was a hospital pharmacy no less.


Pump Daddy

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