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[IP] Judy

I have been diabetic for quite some time, but didn't know that diabetes was 
the cause of all my troubles until about ten years ago.  In my early 20s I 
had severe hypo attacks, and would pass out at the tops of stairs, or where 
ever I happened to be.  I also had VERY frequent bladder, kidney and yeast 
infections.  Noone ever thought to do a challenge test until I was pregnant. 
  So now I've been on injections for about ten years, and ALL those problems 
have disappeared.

I'm 35 now, and I have a little girl that I REALLY need to WATCH grow up.  
With both eyes, both kidneys, both hands and feet....

I saw my doctor today.  I got the usual, "How long has it been since you did 
this or that?"  Then the disapproving glare...  So I got my H A1C done 
tonight, and tomorrow I'll get a cholesterol and urine done.

I haven't been willing to admit that there's anything WRONG with me until 
now.  Having a hypo while driving with my kid in the car has made it 
blatantly obvious that there IS something wrong with me, and I need to be 
PROactive....  I've been coasting for too long now...


Hi Sue

I have been diabetic for 48 years.  I have finally decided to go on a
pump due to frequent hypos.  Seems the older I get, the worse they
affect me, both during and after.  My pump  has been approved by the
insurance and I am waiting for it to come in.  It is a big decision for
us old-timers, right?


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