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[IP] I always believed diabetes would do me in BUT...

Hello Gang--

Having diabetes since 1975 I've always believed some day it would be the
cause of my death.  I've always jokingly told people I would never live
to see 50.  Well I am 39 and since going on the pump earlier this year
and feeling really great with my new "toy", I started believing I could
easily live past 50 and maybe reach retirement.

Last week I was dealt a serious blow to my otherwise good health.  A
doctor sent me in for a chest x-ray for what I believed to be a case of
a congested chest.  A cancerous tumor was found on my left lung and
further tests showed a smaller one on my right lung.  According to my
oncologist, this can be traced to a melanoma which was removed 4 years
ago. An MRI I received on Tues proved to be negative and if a bone scan
which I received today is also negative, surgery may be the best option
in hopes of being cured. I'll be receiving treatment at Pennsyvania
Hospital or possibly the University of Penn Hospital both of which are
in Philadelphia.

I'm taking all of this in stride for now.  I still feel normal and
somewhat healthy for the most part although I realize this is sure to
end in the near future.  My biggest fears today, making sure my family
is well taken care of in the event of my absence. I have 3 kids 12, 9 &
4 which I love dearly and will fight to the end.

Mark Capozzoli
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