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[IP] Pregnancy Update and other stuff

Well, I am not panicked anymore, thanks to all the mommies who answered me about the phantom twinges I was feeling.  Today my tummy feels a little sore like someone is stretching
it.  Like I did one hundred sit-ups or something. (yeah, right)
Lately I've been very tired and forgetful. Not to mention more bitchy than usual. I go back to see my obgyn on the 17th, and hopefully he will tell me everything is normal. I feel
like I am safer now that I am past the first trimester.  I will even risk the bad luck of telling you my name choices--either William Sean or Emma Skye. The William thing is a
family name on my husband's side, but I'd be calling him Sean. I am dreaming about fixing up my nursery, but I am trying to be practical and wait a little longer.  At least until
after Christmas--haha.
I have been depriving myself of my much-loved caffeine and maybe that's responsible for my bitchiness.  Someone should do a study.  I only allow myself one or two diet cokes a day,
usually one, but I can't stand the caffeine-free colas.   It's Seven-up for me now. I also tried to cut down on high fat foods, but I had to ration myself a little pizza every once
in a while.
Anyone else got any tips or updates to share?

Sherry C.
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
I consume all the artificial sweeteners I like since my sad, old pancreas hasn't worked in years anyway. Maybe the shock will kick it into gear??

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