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[IP] Static Alarms

Thought I'd share a recent experience I had with my MM 508.  I've been on
the pump now for about 10 weeks.  During my very first week, I had three A
or E series alarms (can't remember which) on the same day!  Each time I
called MM, they told me the alarms were probably related to static
electricity.  The downside is that the events wiped out all of my
programming including basals.  Bummer!   Anyway, MM suggested I slip a piece
of Bounce or Snuggles (the cloths you put in your dryer) into the leather
case to absorb the static.

Fast forward 9 weeks.  Two days ago I had another alarm just sitting at my
desk.  MM told me it was probably related to static again!  This time they
checked my past history and decided to send me a new leather case for the
pump (free!) that is lined with some material to prevent these static
electricity shut-downs.  Case arrived overnight and I've had it in use for
the last two days.  So good so far!

If you've had similar problems with static alarms, you might want to
consider asking MM about this new leather case.  I'll keep everyone posted
on how successful this case is.


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