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Re: [IP] hair and insulin

> I don't know that  a pump could affect your hair, but beleive the
> insulin could. So if you changed to Humalog or something you did not
> use on MDI it might. I was told once by a beautitian that the
> insulin or b/g could affect permanents. As your health and
> medication can sure affect your hair, your nails, your skin etc.

Well ! it's a scientific fact ;-) that both hair loss and insanity 
are heridatry -- you inherit both from your kids. First they drive 
you nuts then when your daughters start dating, all your hair falls 
out. .....now the question is does more hair fall out if you have 
diabetes??  hmmm..... probably doesn't matter

Michael (slightly nutty parent of 3 boys, 2 girls .... rapidly 
receding hairline, contributed to in a major way by my 13 yo 
email @ redacted
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