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Re: [IP] Re:Hair and D

I recall that as I was approaching my only episode of DKA (type II, btw), I was losing hair like crazy. I was also in the aftermath of having eaten WOW chips -- only a small handful sent me into the most intensive and debilitating diarrhea  I've ever had. Spend nearly a month on the BRAT diet -- banana, rice, applesauce, toast, which you can imagine wreaked havoc with BGs. I was just beginning to start on "real" food when DKA occurred.

Haven't tried the WOW chips since then so I can't confirm that it was  my reaction to Olean that caused the hair loss. Haven't done a DKA since then either so I can't lay the hair loss at its feet. I do know that once I was on insulin and in fairly good control, the hair loss stopped. I appear to have regained all of the lost locks.

My take -- the body focuses on what's crucial when it's in crisis -- and hair isn't crucial. Once the crisis is over and some sort of equilibrium is restored, it picks up the tasks it dropped earlier.


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