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Re: [IP] going low and rebounding how quickly?

> How quickly does a person drop and rebound? My 11-year-old came home
> at 8 p.m. after class at 77. He drank a juice, went to bed at 10
> p.m. at 125. I checked him before I went to bed at 11 p.m., 158. I
> didn't correct anything, but checked him at 2:30 a.m., and he was
> 348. I suppose I need to bump his basal rate even more (now up to
> 1.3 during the midnight hours), but part of me is always hesitant
> because I wonder, "What if he is low and rebounding?" How quickly
> does it happen? How often during the night do I need to check if I'm
> looking for that?

You need only profile the period you are concerned with. The drop can 
happen quickly. Basically your body hangs on sort of like the picture 
of the cat on the trapeze until all is lost so-to-speak. The evidence 
for this is the numerous times I've wakened Lily with bg's of 40 or 
50 then had to pump in 8  or more glucose tabs to keep bg's above 60 
or 80. That's enough to raise her bg's 200+ points. Once they 
stabalize, usually about an hour... they stay put. I can't imagine 
what might happen if another half hour or hour went by before this 
kind of situation was detected.

At our house I check every 2 hours when profiling, then repeat on a 
following night (not necessarily the next one) on the odd rather than 
even hour. This gives me a composite with data every hour. We sleep 
in the same room so it's basically kill the alarm, turn on the light 
and roll over and go back to sleep.

---- different topic ---

There have been several questions about what to do with midnight pump 
failure in the last few weeks. I thought I'd share a "voluntary" pump 
removal story from earlier in the week.

Lily woke me up at about 1 in the morning Tuesday and said something 
was wrong with her set. She need to get up and pee because she was 
high and when she checked her set, it was moist and smelled like 
bandaids. She was tired and did not want to do a set change so simply 
removed her pump. Her bg's were 300+ so the solution for the night 
was a high bg bolus + basal bolus. She did an hbg bolus of 4 units of 
H combined with 4 units of Velosulin to provide basal until morning 
(she runs 0.9u/hr at night). Here are the results:
1:30  300+
4:00  122
6:45  134

not bad.... :-)

It appears that the tube to plastic fitting connection failed on the 

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