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RE: [IP] A couple of questions

One thought on hair loss and diabetes:

Per the recent posting on the C-Peptide study:  If indeed C-peptides are
the maintainers of tissue and organ health; this could have an effect on
the hair folicules (sp) as well.  It would be interesting to see if there
is a statistical sorrelation between diabetic complications and hair loss.

Are those among us who seem to be "resistant" to complications less bald
than those of us who are prone to complications; regardless of bg control?
Do we all have the same deficiency on C-Peptides or are some of us still
producing some?  Is there a correlatoin here between hair loss, C-peptides
and complications?

hummm... ...would need individual stats on age, sex, duration of diabetes,
C-peptide levels, and level of current complications to do this analysis.

Anyone willing to take theball on this?

T1 for 27 years, age 35, full head of hair, moderate to poor bg control
longterm and early stage complications.

Darrin Parker
Nova Scotia, Canada!
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