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RE: [IP] A couple of questions

Rhonda McClary [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> 1)Have any of you on the pump experienced any changes 
> (positive or negative) 
> with your hair since you have started the pump????

I can't imagine how being on a pump would affect one's hair, unless one wore
it on a sweatband or some such.  And I've not heard of insulin (either H or
R) having that affect, either.  

But you never know . . .

> 2) I wear my pump inside my bra unless I am at home or 
> sleeping.

Well, I've never worn the pump inside a bra, so I guess I can't comment on
that.  8-)

But AFAIK, it would take higher temperatures over a longer period of time to
denature the insulin.  It shouldn't have any affect on the pump itself.

Jim Handsfield
mailto:email @ redacted OR
mailto:email @ redacted

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