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[IP] new marketing?

ok now here is an interesting twist.  I just received my insulin from Minimed 
(yes, via mail order) and in the box along with the other "propaganda" 
encouraging me to buy more minimed products (like the great tasting fruit 
bunch dex tabs), is a pamphlet entitled...ARE YOU AT RISK FOR BREAST 

Now this, in my opinion, is GREAT!!!  Us consumers, of course, glance through 
most of the propaganda - at least I do, to see if there is any kind of coupon 
or "special" offer, and so I saw the pamphlet, skimmed through it...What a 
great show of support this is for another life threatening disease.  But what 
I REALLY want to know is, does Breast Cancer slide a pamphlet on the risk 
factors of diabetes in with their mailings?    Don't see why they 
couldn't...we are all here to HELP each other aren't we??

Don't forget this is diabetes awareness month...Test in public, don't hide 
your pump. demand they check the soda dispenser when it tastes funny!  Remind 
them that we aren't gonna go away, or hide and that diabetes is not just a 
touch of sugar!!!!!

(who is tweaking with new insulin AND new basals.....grrrrrrrrrrr)
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