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[IP] Hair and D

<<<< I have been diabetic
since 1979 and my hair use to be sooooo thick, long and full of body.  I
just began the pump October 15th and was wondering if that's another thing
to look forward to.  Over the years, my hair has changed so much. >>

There was a dr once who said that he could pick out a person with D because
they tended to grow more body hair than other people, I don't know if this
is true or not, just relaying what I read a while ago.  You know, your hair
also changes as you age.  When the gray starts coming in, your hair may
become more coarse.  You hair can also thin as you age.  Could be a lot of
reasons for your hair changes.  My hair grew like crazy and got much thicker
when I was pregnant, everyone told me it would change back after having the
baby, but it never did.  It stayed thick and still grows like crazy (I wear
it long since if I wore it short I'd have to get it cut every 2-3 weeks to
keep the style!).  This is a YMMV thing I think too.


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